Cyanogen CM6 for the nexus one (Brief Review)

At a first glace, you will notice that CM6 is still running ADW Launcher–just like CM5.0.8– which is a highly optimized froyo home (that is integrated into cyanogen’s roms now—but you can get a standalone version for Android 1.6 + on the android market).. This launcher is very quick and snappy with home screen transitions similar to HTC Sense roms.  What’s new in the ADW Launcher in CM6 is the home screen tips widget that android comes stock with froyo that has been modded to include tips they like to call ‘br0tips’.  These tips soon will have cyanogen related tips that will help new users of cyanogen to learn how to use their rooted phone.

I’ve been using the latest nightly build–which is highly experimental so i only recommend it to advanced users– and so far i have yet to find a bug! it is very quick and responsive.. OH and i forgot to mention.. it has BRAND NEW wallpapers for cyanogen that are just amazing.. made by @JaiThemes.

Cyanogen has been working hard to get a new thing out there in settings called ‘cyanogen settings’.. he has integrated spare parts into this setting selection along with options for changing how cyanogen is running.. (which includes a highly experimental feature where you can change the VM heap size on the fly and enable JIT) — for more information on changing VM Heap size check out my post, ‘Test: How changing the max amount of memory per VM Heap can effect your ROM (Cyanogen)‘.

With the latest froyo (android 2.2) sent out by google finally as it’s base.. this rom is looking very good.  The state of it is still in alpha so once we get a stable version this will be the fastest android 2.2 you can get your hands on!

Heres some screen shots:


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