Tip: moving applications to sd in Android 2.2 (Froyo)

apps moved to sd

Moving apps over to your SD card in Android 2.2 is actually real simple. the only problem is that it’s up to the developer on whether or not their application can be installed to SD.  Since froyo has just come out, most developers have yet to update their applications to be eligible for being moved to your SD card.  In the next upcoming weeks, we’ll start seeing more and more applications that are able to.


1.  Open Settings>Applications>Manage Applications.
2.  Tap on the application you wish to move.
3.  Tap on the box to “Move to SD card.”
4.  Done!  Now tap on the “On SD card” tab to see that your app has moved.

You can also move the app back to your phone by tapping on the the same app and selecting the “Move to phone” button.

How to move applications that the developer hasn’t specified to be able to move to SD

You can download Titanium backup for free from the market (or get the donate version to support this dev)

1. Once you see the list of your applications, Long click on the application that you want to force to move to SD.

2. Click move to SD Card.

3. Done! your application is now on your SD

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