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When should you move an app to sd on froyo?

With the newest version of Android, Froyo –aka Android 2.2, many of you might wonder.. when should i move an app to SD? Well lets explore a little deeper into this very question by examining some of the advantages and disadvantages of apps to SD.


  • Virtually unlimited install of applications (depending on how big your SD card is + your internal storage)
  • You can speed up your system again. When internal storage is holding a lot of applications, your system can start slowing down because yaffs (androids internal file system – yet another flash file system) starts slowing down when it has to go through pages and pages to do reads and writes.


  • Could be slower than internal memory. Internal memory and cache is always known for its speediness.  Apps to SD can make your applications perform slowly–this is usually only an issue on lower class cards (the development community recommends only using apps to SD on a class 6 SD card)
  • Apps not available while phone is mounted to your computer. When you mount your SD card to your computer to add/remove/edit files, your applications that are currently on your SD card will not be available for you to use.
  • Life of your SD Card shortens. It has been proven that using apps to SD can shorten the life of your SD card.  micro SD cards aren’t made to withstand that many reads/writes in its life. With all the reads and writes that are required to run an android application from the SD card, the life of your SD card could shorten.

Despite the disadvantages, if you follow a few certain guidelines you can benefit from using apps to SD. Here are some of the situation where you should benefit from using apps to SD.

When should you move an app to sd on froyo?

  • When you have an application or game (that isn’t deeply integrated into the OS) that isn’t one of the following: Widgets, Input methods (keyboards/voice input), Account Managers, Device administrators, Live wallpapers, and Live folders.
  • When the application is too big for your internal storage.  Applications such as Google Earth (~30MB) take up a hefty amount of your internal storage, moving those to your SD card can make it so you can enjoy those larger applications and still have your needed applications (widgets, etc) to still fit in your internal storage.
  • Games that you don’t play too often. Moving your games that you won’t be using while you’re mounting your phone are a great candidate for being moved to SD.

For more information on the actual process of moving an app to SD go here: Tip: Moving applications to sd in android 2.2 Froyo


Tip: moving applications to sd in Android 2.2 (Froyo)

apps moved to sd

Moving apps over to your SD card in Android 2.2 is actually real simple. the only problem is that it’s up to the developer on whether or not their application can be installed to SD.  Since froyo has just come out, most developers have yet to update their applications to be eligible for being moved to your SD card.  In the next upcoming weeks, we’ll start seeing more and more applications that are able to.


1.  Open Settings>Applications>Manage Applications.
2.  Tap on the application you wish to move.
3.  Tap on the box to “Move to SD card.”
4.  Done!  Now tap on the “On SD card” tab to see that your app has moved.

You can also move the app back to your phone by tapping on the the same app and selecting the “Move to phone” button.

How to move applications that the developer hasn’t specified to be able to move to SD

You can download Titanium backup for free from the market (or get the donate version to support this dev)

1. Once you see the list of your applications, Long click on the application that you want to force to move to SD.

2. Click move to SD Card.

3. Done! your application is now on your SD

Cyanogen CM6 for the nexus one (Brief Review)

At a first glace, you will notice that CM6 is still running ADW Launcher–just like CM5.0.8– which is a highly optimized froyo home (that is integrated into cyanogen’s roms now—but you can get a standalone version for Android 1.6 + on the android market).. This launcher is very quick and snappy with home screen transitions similar to HTC Sense roms.  What’s new in the ADW Launcher in CM6 is the home screen tips widget that android comes stock with froyo that has been modded to include tips they like to call ‘br0tips’.  These tips soon will have cyanogen related tips that will help new users of cyanogen to learn how to use their rooted phone.

I’ve been using the latest nightly build–which is highly experimental so i only recommend it to advanced users– and so far i have yet to find a bug! it is very quick and responsive.. OH and i forgot to mention.. it has BRAND NEW wallpapers for cyanogen that are just amazing.. made by @JaiThemes.

Cyanogen has been working hard to get a new thing out there in settings called ‘cyanogen settings’.. he has integrated spare parts into this setting selection along with options for changing how cyanogen is running.. (which includes a highly experimental feature where you can change the VM heap size on the fly and enable JIT) — for more information on changing VM Heap size check out my post, ‘Test: How changing the max amount of memory per VM Heap can effect your ROM (Cyanogen)‘.

With the latest froyo (android 2.2) sent out by google finally as it’s base.. this rom is looking very good.  The state of it is still in alpha so once we get a stable version this will be the fastest android 2.2 you can get your hands on!

Heres some screen shots:

Android Development

just registered for the android market–approved– and now i’m ready to start putting out some applications. I’ll keep you all updated on here with any news on any applications i develop. Also, if you have any ideas for any android applications you’d like to see, send me a comment on this post. Thanks!


WordPress web development

So I just found out about WordPress the other day.. I couldn’t even tell it was a “blog” site when my friend showed me a web page developed here. when I think blog I imagine someone’s posts within a web site’s template. Anyway, I’m going to try this out, its all new to me.

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